A chronicle of my time as an assistant showrunner for EagleCon, my University’s ComiCon.

EagleCon was started in the fall of 2022 by Sky Shane. I was a founding member of the club, but my involvement was initially supposed to be limited to volunteering the day of the first event. However, Sky asked me to assist her with an on-campus tabling event at the start of January 2023, and by the end of the evening I was offered the position of Assistant Showrunner of Promotions. In this capacity I was responsible for a variety of promotional activities including leading tabling events on and off campus, and putting up flyers across the community. I also became second-in-command and was therefore involved in nearly every decision making process leading up to the February 2024 event. I held this position until the end of February 2024, at which point my position transitioned to a member of the new leadership team and I assumed a mentorship role until graduation.